Air Conditioning Update

Letter to Parents regarding Air Conditioning
Posted on 09/28/2018

Dear Parents,

This letter is to provide you an update to the air conditioning issues at Olympic Heights High School this week.

I'm pleased to say that the Air Conditioning system is back up and working today, however, the school did experience some interruptions over the past several days. The events related to the air conditioning unit are as follows:

  • On Monday, September 17th, Chiller #2 wasn't working due to a bad pump switch. The technician was able to locate a used switch to get the chiller running again until a new replacement part was ordered.
  • On Monday, September 24th, the chiller failed again. The switch was identified as bad. The technician requested to run the working chillers overnight so that the school could maintain a temperature between 76-78 degrees until September 27th.
  • On September 27th, the two chillers were off due to a phase loss, which means there was an electrical issue coming from FPL. The two chillers were reset by 8:30 a.m., but with only two chillers running, it takes time to cool down the building. In addition, many classroom windows were open which prolonged the time to cool the school.
  • The District monitored classroom temperatures closely. The energy management system found a couple of rooms outside of district temperature guidelines at 79.6 degrees.
  •  The two remaining and functional chillers will run 24/7 until the parts are replaced today. Chiller #2 should be operational later today.

I want to be clear these recent issues are not related to the issues two years ago when there were numerous failures of the HVAC system. At that time, maintenance discovered those problems were related to a bad FPL transformer that needed to be replaced. FPL replaced the transformer when the problem was brought to their attention.

We apologize for the inconvenience that these air conditioning disruptions have caused. Thank you for your patience.

Wanda Paul
Chief Operating Officer

Letter to Parents regarding Air Conditioning